DIY Halloween: Cotton Candy Costume

 I'm not too keen on DIY projects but thought this costume was the cutest thing ever. I had a talk with a friend and we encouraged each other to make something and show each other. And so I thought why not make a Halloween costume. It's fairly easy and does take a couple of hours. I split it between two days because I haven't that much time. I followed the basic guidelines from this blog and this one, tweaking them a little to fit what I had envisioned in my head. I feared it would turn into one of those Pinterest fails but I'm pretty darn proud of what I accomplished. And it was really fun!

  • Polyfil 50z 
  • Spray paint
  • 2 cans of spray adhesive
  • Fabric or L/XL T-shirt (used as a base to build the cotton candy)
  • Accessories

  1. First, I sewed together some white fabric to make a very big, loose shirt that extended to mid-thigh. You can use a white L/XL T-shirt if you have one. I didn't any so I went with this super DIY route. Make sure you can easily take it off or else you'll end up destroying the costume. 
  2. I made the mistake of laying out all the polyfil first and spray painting them. While it worked for the other blog, it did not work for me at all and ended up wasting more time. I missed a lot of spots. I highly recommend building the cotton candy body first and then spray painting it after. NOTE: Please, please do this project outdoors where there is adequate ventilation. The fumes are very strong and could be very harmful!
  3. Begin building the cotton candy. Spray your base and a piece of the polyfil with the spray adhesive. Hold the polyfil for a couple of seconds to make sure it has bonded to your base. Continue until you get the desired volume and fluffiness. And yes I really had to use 2 cans of adhesive spray. I didn't think I would need it so I only got one a first and had to run out and buy another one. When I was finished, I had at least 1/3 left of the 50z polyfil bag. I only got it instead of the 20oz because it was a better deal and I could use it for future projects.
  4. Begin spray painting to your hearts desire until you get the color you want. I didn't want a really dark pink so I did a light coating. Wait 1-2 hours in a well ventilated area to dry.
  5. And you're done! Put on your costume and take lots of pretty pictures!

I don't know why this costume makes me feel so light and airy even though it really isn't. It's got some weight to it. It's very insulating actually so it'll keep me warm when the chilly Halloween night rolls around. Now to keep little hands from stealing all my fluffies!

Photos: me



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