Outfit: Shelter Beneath Bamboo Trees

 As stated by the title, that is exactly what we did last weekend. I needed to drop off my phone at the Apple store to get it fixed and knew was going to take several hours. I'd planned to do some shoots while we waited. What I hadn't planned on was for it to rain! When I left the house, it was nice and sunny. After I dropped off the phone and walked out of the mall, it was pouring. Normally I do check the weather but I truly thought I was safe. Didn't bring any umbrellas or jackets. We decided to wait it out and get a bite to eat. By the time we were done, the rain was letting up a little. Luckily, we found this grove of bamboo trees and were surprised the ground beneath was completely dry.

 And at last, this dress makes an appearance. You've seen the blue chambray dress and the gray one already. But this gingham one is my favorite of the three. It's classier and more romantic in a retro sort of way. And you know I love retro! The gingham print will never go out of style - though I do always see it in brighter colors. I think this beige/black combination is perfect for fall, however. I know I've been wearing this backpack a lot. I had been avoiding it for some time after receiving it in the mail. While I loved the suede material and color, I hated the super long fringes. Then with autumn coming, I couldn't bear to let it sit neglected and unloved in my closet anymore. So, I took my scissor and cut about 6 inches off. It made a huge difference and now it's become an object of complete adoration!

Sillly boys. Always teasing us!


What I wore:
Dress: H&M
Heels: La Redoute



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