Outfit: Afternoon Tea Dress

 When I first received this dress, which I bought on sale from ASOS, I was fairly disappointed in how loose it fit. I had already chosen one of the smallest sizes so imagine my dismay when I tried it on. The waist was down to my hips and the dress itself sagged in the most unflattering way. I've shopped online for many years now and am well-informed in most things will fit on me. Because I am petite, a lot of clothes don't fit very well. The sleeves of blouse are too long. I don't really have a problem with shirts being too long as I often tuck them in. T-shirts do hang down past my hips, but I rarely wear them anyway. Knee-length skirts and dresses often go past my knees. Forget maxi dresses. I'm pretty much swimming in them. I'm usually successful in getting the right fit, but once in a blue moon a rare incident such as this would occur.

Despite the ill fit, I liked the dress so much that I didn't want to return it. I don't know if it's just me but a lot of dresses that I consider "tea party" appropriate tend to have these nice delicate ruffle trims like this. Maybe it's the delicate nature of such tea parties in general. From the beautiful porcelain teapots and cups to the dainty sandwiches that are too pretty to eat. And the lovely, sweet pastries one eats. I don't think I'd feel right if I didn't wear something as equally elegant and endearing.

In terms of alterations, I've given myself two options: fix it or shrink it. As I'm only really capable of hemming, I always try to shrink it first.What I've come to depend on a lot of the times is the shrinkage that happens when I throw my clothes into the washer and dryer. Because I just toss everything into the machines (yes, even delicates!), I actually discovered by accident that rayon materials will shrink no matter what. If you haven't noticed, a lot of clothes these days are constructed from rayon. Viscose will shrink somewhat or quite a bit for me depending on the quality.  So, I tossed this dress into my pile of laundry, hoping it would shrink and it did! And now it fits perfectly as you can see in this post.

What I wore
Dress: ASOS
Heels: vintage from Etsy
Photos: John & me



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