Outfit: Autumnal Hue, Mock Necks Ensue

 I've been itching to wear this mock neck top ever since autumn officially began but weather in SoCal has been consistently in the high 80-90s. I despaired of ever experiencing fall in October because I honestly feel in my heart that it is the perfect autumnal month. How can one resist all those plump orange pumpkins decorating all the patches and the front of stores? How can one resist the beautiful russet transformation of leaves - do keep in mind most of the trees in California are evergreens so I can only live vicariously through others (sobs eternally). Anyway, as soon as the weather dropped to 75F, which I considered cool enough, I threw this top on and wore it gleefully all day.

Do you see what I see?
 I thrifted this top some time ago with the intent to wear it in October. It's got the perfect fall colors. And is really quite warm. A little too warm for the weather that day and others might have looked at me funny while they were in T-shirts and shorts but I was the happiest girl. Until I discovered another 4 mosquito bites on my legs after this shoot - not including the other 5 I already had from the other week's shoot. Oh, the things we endure for pretty pictures. I really don't understand why I'm such a mosquito magnet while they completely ignore others. They come after me relentlessly until I'm forced to run away. It's not fair!


What I wore:
Top: thrifted
Pinafore: F21
Shoes: Miz Mooz



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