Thrifted: Indeed, A Very French Connection

 I went with an entirely different look with this outfit. It just screams 90s to me. But my eyes could be defective. You can be the judge of that. While I don't think I can pull off the iconic chokers and brown/mauve lipstick and still look like myself, I feel like one of those women in the old karaoke vinyl records my parents used to play when I was smaller. I find myself cringing at the thought of it.  The videos themselves were incredibly cheesy but they sure do bring back lots of fond memories. Not sure if anyone will understand but if you do, more power to you!

 And now onto the star of the show: this French Connection maxi dress. I couldn't believe my luck when I found this dress while perusing the racks at a thrift store. Like it had been waiting all this time for me to find it. It's just so perfect. I have a hard time finding longer length dresses that aren't dragging on the ground.  I've long given up on finding one that will suit my height. But once in a blue moon, one will practically land in my lap and my eyes will sparkle with excitement. Alas, the stars have aligned! Then, I'll look around shiftily to see if anyone had witnessed my profound happiness and proceed to put it in my basket like a normal human being. C'est la vie!

Good job, team!

P.S. I'm not used to seeing so much of my forehead. I look weird!


What I wore:
Dress: thrifted
Sandals: vintage from Etsy
Sunglasses: Target
Bag: Daiso
Photos: John & me



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