Outfit of the Day: Feeling Overall Playful

"Sense will always have attractions for me."
-Sense and Sensibility (1811)
I feel like I can do anything in these overalls! Although, I do think they're the perfect thing to wear while perusing through all the wonderful stalls at the farmer's market. I had been searching for the perfect overall for the longest time and I was out of town shopping at a mall when - lo, and behold! - I found these. I'm fond of the split pattern and slight distressed look. Despite being denim, they're very soft and super comfortable.

As far as gladiator sandals go, this is about it for me. It was love at first sight and I would not be moved until I purchased them. They're quite sturdy. More on the casual side so no fancy dresses! I've got plenty others that'll do the job. As much as I like the style, I can't be bothered to lace them up all that way. These, however, I can slip on and go. Much like my entire outfit in this post, actually.

Say hello to the little kumquat tree. The tiny citrus fruit is quite good for you and often used as a remedy for sore throats and coughs.

What I wore:
Blouse: Forever21
Sandals: Target
Photos by John



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