Treading through the waves of nostalgia.

 I wasn't planning on making my first post something like this, but I hadn't expected to stumble across these old photos I took a long time ago. And I've got to say, this journey to self-discovery might become more of a blatant leap to rediscovery. I had forgotten the joy of photography. Of course, editing programs nowadays serve to enhance pictures in numerous ways. I too am guilty of using them, but my intent is to only change the lighting and apply filters that make these photos characteristic to my style. By all means, I am no professional, but I am quite fond of snapping pictures.

My very own dear John.
Clumsy fingers, messy nails. You will see this often.
We truly did find a four-leaf clover. Pics or it didn't happen? There's a peak below!

 Anyway, I was super excited to make a post, and I really couldn't resist. Have no doubt, I am fully aware that there are still aspects of my blog that need some fine tuning. I'm still learning (I feel overwhelmed actually) and messing around with it as I'm writing this. There is a plethora of information out there. At this moment, I really do feel the world is my oyster. I want to learn and know everything!

Steps at the Ghetty Museum. I love museums, but sometimes can't bear the traffic-congested drive there.

Summer goals: Go on more picnics.

Heels of my youth. Sadly, I'd probably trip and break my ankles now.

This beloved bobble kitty has since lost its vibrancy. The sun has bleached it to sepia tones.
Slather on sunblock, kiddies!
Spotted this at the Venetian in Vegas a while back. How am I not in Europe right now??
We had asked a homeless man to take our picture here and was flagged down by security.
Told us to be careful and enjoy our stay in Vegas!
 I hope everyone is having a good day!

P.S. I feel so geeky and simple, but I think the search function on my blog is pretty awesome.



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