Weekend in Stripes

Exploring the city in search of preemptive backdrops for photoshoots has become rather exciting and adventurous for us. It's helped us break away from what was starting to become mundane, dull weekends of doing the same routine. I've also developed an appreciation for what the city has to offer. No longer do I see the same building and think, "Oh, it's just a building." Now, I look at all the details, absorbing the color, texture, and design.

 Anyway, I'm becoming a fan of formfitting midi dresses like this. While it does make me feel a little self-conscious and it's not something I wear often, I do like the silhouette. It's like I'm covered up, but not really. I don't think I'm being indecent, but I do think it does take some confidence to wear as it does hug all your curves. And with some sweet rustic red flats like these, it was the perfect outfit for a lunch date with my love. My favorite part of the flats is the tiny jewel crystal at the bottom, which sadly does not have its own photo yet.



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