Outfit: Florals and Buttercup Yellow

 It was one of those soft baked days when the wrath of the sun was made gentle by the draft of cooling winds. We enjoyed tasty arepas from our favorite Venezuelan restaurant. It has a special place in my heart for how homely and welcoming it is. It is quite a distance from us so it's always a treat whenever we're able to stop by. It's such a beautiful area that we usually like to take a stroll around. We discovered this alley along the way.

 I felt so womanly in this outfit. The dress has a delicate floral print and feminine silhouette. Flutter sleeves and buttons? Oh, my. It couldn't get any better. And as much as I love these vintage sandals, they don't seem to love me. We had done a lot of walking that day and sadly, I came home to a couple blisters. That won't stop me from wearing them, though! I've had them for quite some time. Despite how much they've hurt me over the years, I've grown deeply attached to them.

 What I wore:
Dress: H&M
Sandals: vintage via Etsy
Belt: vintage thrifted
Watch: Oasis via ASOS
Backpack: Target



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