TBT: Musings in Japan: Home-stay

As part of the study abroad program, we were given the opportunity to stay for the weekend (or a month) at an assigned host family's home. Most opted for the weekend home-stay as did I. Pictured above is my host-mother, Yoko Nakayama, with her sleeping daughter, Tomomi-chan. The first night we had homemade curry, which was sweeter than I was used to. Yoko-san said it was because of the sweet potatoes she made them with, which appeals more to a younger child's taste. It was still very delicious. And I must say, the Japanese take their baths seriously! I loved using the bath. It was so relaxing. While Tomomi slept, Yoko-san and I stayed up talking late into the night. The next day we went to visit a beautiful temple.
Though not pictured, Yoko-san at the time was attending lessons to learn the art of tea ceremony. She took me there and it was great fun just watching everyone practice. I really like the way a tatami room looks. Yoko-san's home is quite modernized but she still had a formal tatami room. I remember her saying that she and Tomomi-chan prefer to sleep in it. By the way, our dorms were all tatami and we each had a futon with the most comfortable pillow I'd ever slept on. It was really nice!

Tomomi-chan finally woke up. She was so cute. I fondly recall when Yoko-san took me a kaiten sushi (sushi served on a conveyor belt) restaurant and Tomomi-chan, whose hands were full of rice and natto, playing gleefully with me and my hair. She's grown up a lot now, but she still looks like the Tomomi-chan I remember.

P.S. Looking through all these photos reminds me of why I love taking pictures. Although they aren't professional, to me they're special. At times, I'd rather be the photographer than be photographed. Sentiments!

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  1. Hi, Zoey!

    So sorry I hadn't had the chance to spare some time and visit your blog. You being a kind and sweet follower (although I'd really like us to be friends, instead) makes me want to make an extra effort to visit your neck of the woods :) Your blog looks lovely! ♥ This post in particular interests me so much. I'm so jealous, I've never been to Japan! But your photos make me quite happy, especially looking at Yoko-san, Tomomi-chan and those adorable Buddha statues ˆ ˆ

    When was this and how did you get to homestay in Japan? It must be one tale to tell! I'd really love to know! ♥

    Please keep blogging!

    Alive as Always

    1. I greatly appreciate that you were able to find time in your busy schedule to browse through my blog! I would very much love to be your friend. :) These TBT posts I've been doing every Thursday about my stay in Japan all occurred about four years ago as part of a travel abroad program when I was still in college (I live in Southern California, by the way!). The program was only for one quarter system from September to mid-December. I had always meant to blog about it while I was there. I even created a blog and everything! And sadly, after one post I shamefully forgot about it. T_T

      And so, I'm dedicating Thursday's posts as retribution for my laziness. Haha. The homestay was part of our itinerary for the program. We had two options: 2-day stay or 1-month stay. Or we could even opt out of it. It really was quite an experience! I had always been my dream to go to Japan. I'm envious that you were able to study in Germany for three years. My next goal is to travel to Europe and visit the countries there, but as I'm no longer a student, it can only be for vacation. :(

    2. Oh haha well, at least you're posting about it now. You know what they say, it's better late than never ;) I'm definitely following you now to read more of your time there.

      If you ever plan to visit Europe/Germany, I hope you'll let me know as I'm planning to go back and see my loved ones there. Or, you know, you can come to Indonesia! ˆ ˆ If you do, I'll show all the best places!

      Alive as Always


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