Outfit: Fortuitous Embrace of Lilac Love

The title of this post came upon me while I was thinking of Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which I've been reading for the past few weeks. I'll admit this is not a fast, easy read for me. I am glad that I am now able to understand the philosophical ideas Kundera takes into consideration. If I read this book five years ago, I probably would have put it down right away. Anyway, there is something about the color of lilac, or even lavender, that attracts me so. Was it a fortuitous event that when I happened to glance upon the color for the first time, I was inundated by a great love for this soft, delicate hue and knew instantaneously that this was the one - the favorite? I like to think so.

 At times, I feel lucky that I'm so short because tunics like this can pass as a (really short) dress on me. Of course, I must still wear shorts underneath. Can't allow accidents to happen now. The tunic I'm wearing is an old favorite and is especially useful for lazy days. I can still look decent enough that the hundreds of judging eyes I pass by at the market will merely glance away with disinterest. But that shouldn't matter anyway. It was too hot for eyeliner so my face here looks pretty naked aside for the lipstick balm I hastily slathered on. My mom often tells me (while secretly judging most likely) that I look deathly and sick without some lip color. I don't disagree with her though...

What I wore:
Dress: UO (sale)
Sandals: Matisse via DSW



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