Outfit: In the Land of Fairy Houses

 I discovered Larmoni not too long ago from some of my favorite bloggers. As someone who adores retro styles, I instantly fell in love. I do think the clothing are a bit pricey, but the styles are fairly unique. It seems as though they've been carefully selected. I do not feel the dress I am wearing in this photo was cheaply made at all. The zipper is sturdy and the fabric is nice. I love that there is a cotton lining inside so that it's light and breathable. I detest polyester linings, especially in the summer - they're the worst!

This is the perfect summer daytime dress. I love the high cut of the bodice and the low back, but what got me was the print. I thought it was simply adorable. I couldn't help but be reminded of fairy houses clustered in a cute, little town. I had not expected to garner any attention from it, so I was quite pleasantly surprised when I received compliments from strangers. On another note, while my style isn't as low-key and casual as the general attire of the area in which I live, it really is not my intention to stand out. I just like to wear these kinds of clothing. It gives me a little boost of confidence and is like another extension of "me". So, a couple of months ago when I overheard a woman tell her boyfriend/husband that I was pretentious, it truly perplexed me. My being dressed a certain way has nothing to do with who I am as a person. My body is my temple and why should I not dress it how I see fit?

 What I wore:
Dress: Larmoni
Flats: Burlington



  1. You're absolutely right about dressing how you like! There are always gonna be people who don't understand it, but in the end it's none of their business. And by the way, this dress is truly wonderful!

  2. I love the pattern on that dress! It's so unique and a great nod to retro. Such lovely photos :)



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