Outfit: Of Turtles & Cartoons

Though the temperature has dropped to a more tolerable 80-something degrees, the difference is barely discernible. I feel like a brick wall that has absorbed all the sun's rays, still hot long after it has already set. Because we didn't feel like paying $6 for an ice cream cone, we went to Rite-Aid. A lively employee zoomed by us and kindly shouted that they were having a "buy one, get one free" deal, to which we excitedly screamed back, "Which ones?" But he was nowhere to be seen. Suffice to say, we eventually figured it out. And now, I have a tub of pistachio ice cream with hardly enough pistachios. Perhaps I should buy a bag of pistachios and stick some in. Would that work? By the way, look at the cute little turtles gathering around!

When I first spotted this top at a small boutique in Japan, I knew I had to have it. It had the most adorable cartoon drawings of things one might find in England. I've always dreamed of traveling to Europe and exploring the countries there. Hopefully soon! I'm reluctant to wash it often as I fear it it fading. I love it so much!

P.S. I keep forgetting I'm not supposed to be having any dairy...

What I wore:
Top: boutique in Japan
Skirt: vintage via Etsy
Sandals: New Look
Watch: Oasis via ASOS
Backpack: Target



  1. Zoey, you always have the best photos! Love that second shot of you up there ;)
    That top is so adorable! You are so lucky to have found one. Let me know when you're going to Europe. (Hopefully in 2-3 years so we can meet up)
    Also, I hope you're okay after that ice cream...

    Alive as Always

    1. Thank you, Bivi! I'm always striving to improve but I can't all the credit for the shots though. My bf normally is the one taking these outfit shots of me. And it's both me and him taking photographs of those random shots of the scenery around us. However, I am the one doing all the editing. :D

      I believe 2-3 years should be enough time for me to save enough to travel to Europe. I'll be looking forward to meeting up with you if it's at all possible in that time! I thought being semi-lactose intolerant would make ice cream safe enough to eat, but apparently I was wrong! I can eat yogurt but it makes me break out so I can only eat it sparingly. :(


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