Outfit: White Floral & Mustard

I tend to avoid shift dresses because my large bum usually turns it into something else - a loose, ill-fitting bodycon dress, if you will. But once in a blue moon, a darling dress like this comes along, waiting for me to snatch it up. I found it in the sale section of Forever 21. No more than $10, if I remember correctly. It's an old dress but it's held up well over the years. I was drawn to the floral crochet lace overlay pattern that allowed a bit of the soft blue lining to show through. I can only ever see myself wearing it in the summer time, but we'll see. I thought I'd mix it up with this mustard polka dot print blouse. It's another one of my purchases from Japan. The boutiques there sell the cutest things. If I had room in my luggage, I would have come home with so much more.

Now that I'm older (and wiser), I am able to discern the quality of product. I learned a lot about the quality of fabrics and the construction of clothes when I was working in the Fashion District. I wish I had that knowledge when I was younger. I would have carefully examined the fabric and stitching before buying. If it met my standards and the price was reasonable, I would allow myself to buy it. Of course, this also applies when I go thrift shopping. These days, I've developed such a critical eye that it makes shopping almost impossible. What have I done...!

What I wore:
Blouse: boutique in Japan
Dress: Forever 21 (sale)
Sandals: New Look



  1. That wall is drool-worthy, Zoey! ♥ I thought you were in a museum, but it turns out...is it just a normal wall off the side of the street? Really breathtaking!
    It's great that you've become quite critical about the quality of the products that you'd buy. There's nothing wrong with that. Isn't it way better to invest your money on things you'd actually hold on to for the long run, instead of something that would rip and break upon first wear? Plus, that way you can save money to actually provide for yourself in other aspects of life ;)

    Alive as Always

    1. Yes, indeed it is a wall of a store in front of the parking lot. We discovered it while driving around. I've set my mind on photographing outfits in different locations as a way of discovering more of my city. It's like an adventure! :)


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