TBT: Musings in Japan: South Korea Pt. 1

In this week's throwback post, I will be writing a three-part series of our trip to South Korea. In November, we received an entire week from our studies to do whatever we wish. Of course, many of us decided to travel. My group consisted of three other girls. I don't recall any of us being familiar with the Korean language so I was bit nervous. We stayed at a really cheap hostel. I had never stayed in one before and the only hostel I ever heard of was the movie, which I don't recommend anyone ever watching. We were lost for a little while trying to find it. It was very clean and simple inside. I wasn't expecting much but we did find a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter inside the mini fridge!

We discovered this beautiful river beneath the bridge. We did not explore the entire length. It extends for quite some distance! I would have loved to have something like this where I live. With the drought we're having, the only riverbed near my house is dry as a well. I wouldn't really call it a river either.

Oh, delicious bibimbap! It's such a riot of color that it made it really fun to eat. It looked so pretty that I felt a little guilty destroying its loveliness by mixing it all up.

South Korea really came alive at night. The bigger buildings dazzled the eyes in a brilliant display of lights. People flocked the streets and alleys. Vendors opened up shop in between the shopping centers, calling out to customers. The aroma of hot, spicy dukbokki and savory fried dumplings wafted through the chill night air. What I found really interesting were the "talent" shows. There would be a stage and anyone with the courage of a lion could stand up there and perform. 

Oh, gosh. The journey to N Seoul Tower was quite a trip. We had no idea if our taxi driver understood where we wanted to go. We were taken and round and round for such a long time that we wondered if he was just taking advantage of us. Or that he might take us somewhere and do the unimaginable! Eventually, much to our relief, we reached our destination. I don't remember how much we paid. I was just glad we finally got off. The walk up to the tower was breathtaking - literally and figuratively. It was all uphill for at least a mile, but the autumnal leaves of the maple trees were so beautiful it made the walk more bearable.

N Seoul Tower had more features inside of it than Tokyo Tower. And like Tokyo Tower, it looked to be a popular date spot for couples. I thought the wall of what seemed like love notes was pretty cute. There were even trees of hearts and padlocks outside that reminded me of the famous Love Lock bridge in Paris that no longer exists. It's too bad. I had wanted to see it. Understandably, the strain of so many padlocks put the bridge at risk of breaking and causing harm.

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