OOTD: Frolicking in Soft Sky Blue

Oh, lovely day. Beads of sweat collected and quivered at the bridge of my nose. More threatened to roll down the sides of my temples. My hair clung to the back of my neck in the most awful, desperate way. I swore I would not let it defeat me and vowed to be free of this heat. I fled the confines of my home in pursuit of happiness, donned in this light cotton blend dress. It is quite flattering the way it cinches at the waistline. I love the way it blows in the wind, but I have to be careful or everyone will see my undies. And trust me, they're not cute at all.

 I dearly wanted to put my hair up in milkmaid braids but sadly, short hair has its limits. So, I improvised with this braided updo instead. I find these days that I'm more willing to style my hair, which is normally rather unkempt. There was a time in my life when I couldn't be bothered to put a comb through it. It would get tangled again the second I was done. Mind you, I'm still lazy when it comes to these kinds of things. It's an improvement, I suppose.
Anxiously checking for passing cars. Gotta be safe, you know!
 P.S. Summer must be at its peak if I can be sweating so profusely whilst typing this post.

What I wore:
Dress: Sheinside 
Sandals: New Look



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