Shola Diffuser: Indigo Bloom

 I purchased this shola diffuser a few days ago. Its advertised claim of "color changing" petals was visually appealing. And I thought, why not? My room was lacking in the floral department and could stand to smell a little nicer.

 The shola flower still immaculate and untouched by the indigo blue.

 Less than an hour later, the color has leeched into the petals.

 A few hours later, fully covered, but not quite saturated.

The next day, the shola flower reached complete saturation.

Admittedly, the scent was a little overbearing as it first permeated throughout the room. However, as it diffused, it left a light, pleasantly floral fragrance. Nothing sweet like a rose, however. I'm curious how long it will last. Silly little post, but I was possessed by this incredible urge to write it!



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