OOTD: All Buttons in Grafted Wilderness

When I saw this little opening in the mix of flora, I hopped right in. I couldn't resist! I felt a tad guilty as it was part of the landscape of a fairly well-known mission and wondered if I was defiling it in some way. It is open to the public and there were other people there as well. So, my feelings may have been unwonted. Anyhow, evening sun peeking through shaded shadow produces such a enchanting luminescence. I am beginning to favor this kind of lighting. It feels almost nostalgic like a memory treasured and locked away in some capsule, tinted and faded by the eroding of time.

I've had this skirt for a while now. It used to be a midi but I had it altered to a shorter length as it looked rather frumpy on me. I have no regrets. I think it looks much better this way. It's one of those skirts I tend to grab when I'm feeling lazy, but still possess that minimal desire to look slightly put together. I adore the color. A bright rust red fit for any season. It might be questionable in winter though. And the buttons! The buttons! Those are sadly indeed faux pockets - one of the worst things to ever exist.

What I wore:
Top: Boutique in Japan
Skirt: Vintage via Esty
Sandals: New Look



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