Upcycled Vintage, Daisy Dear

 I had bought this vintage dress once upon a time ago and loved the fabric and the structure, but it kept reminding me of funeral attire. Very prim and proper, if you will. I was subconsciously adverse to wearing it, but quite unwilling to let it go. My mom saw how beautiful the skirt of the dress was, and suggested I cut it. "Oh," I uttered softly. Wondered why it never occurred to me before. I went into a frenzy that same afternoon and altered several vintage clothing. In my eagerness to wear this skirt, I didn't realize was how see-through it was until it was too late. Probably why people were giving me stares... Must remember to wear a shift underneath next time.

 I normally don't do my hair, but felt inspired after reading this post. While it looks no way as beautiful as that, I thought it looked nice anyway. Ohh, look at all that frizz...

What I wore:
Shirt: Sample sale in Fashion District
Skirt: Vintage from Ebay
Flats: Target



  1. Very cute outfit, my dear! I love it. Is it a skirt or dress? Im assuming you tucked the shirt in a bit cuz of the low back cut?

    1. Thank you! It used to be a dress that was not very flattering on me at all. So, I cut the top and altered into a skirt.


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