Outfit: Embroidered in White

I have a great weakness for embroidered clothing, especially when the embroidery is bright and colorful. However, I can't bring myself to buy them very often. Although I've yet to experience it, I am a little paranoid about the thread falling apart. That slightly OCD part of me knows it's going to be incomplete. I just can't risk it! Sequins? Forget it. If one thread comes loose, it's game over. They do look nice sometimes though. Le sigh.

I have the worst luck when wearing white clothing. I get anxious that I'll dirty it and knowing me, I probably will. I'm pretty messy when I eat. Sometimes food ends up in my bangs, on my arms, or sometimes even my legs. The worst thing is that I actually do try very hard to eat neatly! And that is why I often go for creams or beiges. At least if I get a stain, it won't be as noticeable.

P.S. I'm very excited to say that I'll be taking a short road trip up north to San Jose for a music event this weekend. My friends and I have been waiting so long for this. I can't possibly wait for Saturday.

What I wore:
Blouse: H&M
Shorts: Forever 21
Sandals: Vince Camuto via Burlington's
Bag: Ross



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