Weekend Outfit: Floral Abundance

We awoke to the warm humidity of a sky blanketed by dust grey clouds. I was doubtful it would rain and neglected to carry an umbrella. Needless to say, we were caught off guard by the quiet pit-pat of raindrops moments later. We cared not (not really). We scampered out of the car with fleeted foot towards this beautiful isolated hedge, the perfume of its flowers dampened by the scent of the sea. I knew not its name, only that its soft hues of blushed pink blossoms were the loveliest I'd seen that day. As carefree as I wished to be, I did not want to risk my camera getting wet so these photos were hastily shot. We made our escape just in time though! It started pouring minutes after.

P.S. The magic of Google did not reveal its name to me. Perhaps I did not believe hard enough. The closest was the Abelia Grandiflora, but even then it was distinctly different.

What I wore:
Dress: Sheinside
Sandals: New Look



  1. Super cute! I love the colors of this outfit and all those tiny adorable details! I hate the humidity - it's super hot and humid here in Boston and I'm dying for some cooler weather!! ;)


    1. Thank you! I'm also yearning for cooler weather. Oh, autumn, please hurry and relieve us of this summer heat...!


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