TBT: Musings in Japan: Daibutsu of Kamakura

I remember the heat and humidity so clearly. The brilliant sun shone in all its splendor with uninhibited zeal. And fool that I was, I thought it was an excellent idea to wear black jeans and combat boots. It was unbearably hot. I was surprised my body could sweat so much.

A post by the entrance reminded that us that above all else this temple was a place of reverence and should be treated as such. Before entering the sacred temple, it was customary to cleanse our hands using the metal ladles. 

Oh, Daibutsu of Kamakura, the long, hot trek to see you was worthwhile. You see, don't you? You see all of us who have come to experience your magnificence? As I continued onward, sweat dripping, the sight of Daibutsu looming before me was truly awe inspiring. Wondrous and serene against a backdrop of lush green hills and open sky, I could not help but look on with astonishment at the sheer size of the Great Buddha. I was surprised we could even enter and take a gander inside. And what do you know, it was hollow! Below is an up-close and personal shot of the interior.

Throughout my stay, I was overcome and intrigued by all the little nooks I spotted everywhere I went. Japan is a beautiful country. I thought its more suburban/country areas were the most beautiful. Quaint and peaceful with respect and loving details to nature. As I've mention before, I am a city girl so this was different for me, and I loved it all the more.

This this type of dessert parfait would be the first of many for us. Look how prettily it had been arranged. Aesthetics, aesthetics! It almost painful to watch it all come undone by eager, devouring mouths.

I am quite a fan of Hayao Miyazaki's works, and many of the others were as well. So, when we saw this cute little "My Neighbor Totoro" themed boutique, there was really no other choice but to venture inside. I thought these planters were so adorable. I would have loved to take one home with me.

P.S. I was so focused on capturing everything, and enjoying every moment of it, that I forgot to be in a lot of the photos myself. Most of the pictures of me were photographed by others.

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