Outfit: Rain & Splendor

I donned this light, simple dress wholeheartedly believing it was the perfect outfit for an afternoon like this - hot and searing, sun rays unobstructed in a cloudless sky. I was certain there would be no rain this day. Clearly, I must have offended the gods in my past life for mere hours later, I emerged from the shopping mall in the midst of rainfall. The sky once so sweet and clear now lay host to an army of dark, ominous clouds.

Despite that, I thought there was something rather nostalgic about the dampness of the environment. This little walkway with its lush overgrowth of ivy looked so inviting. I surprise myself by saying this, but I prefer this warm humidity over California's typical dry summers. And if you can't tell, I was trying to channel my inner Grecian goddess with poise and elegance. My efforts may have been made in vain, however...

 Please excuse this offensive looking thing that is my undergarment. I am not yet comfortable enough to go without one at this point in time!

P.S. I did not realize how damaging acid rain can be. My face is experiencing dryness and peeling...!

What I wore:
Dress: Forever 21
Sandals: Matisse via DSW



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