OOTD: Purveyor of Neighborly Eyes

 As I brought out my tripod and camera, I drew rather unwanted stares from the neighbors across from me. Both the father and son seemed highly interested in what I was doing. Was it the absurdity of my taking pictures of myself? Was it the outfit? Had they never seen anyone dressed like me before? Certainly, I don't believe I dress like the majority of people around here, but it's what I like and am comfortable in. After a moment, I became so engrossed in the photo shoot that I forgot about them. And why should I care? I was having fun being myself. It was a beautiful day. Clouds in the sky with sunlight softly filtering through and the wind a gentle ambiance.

Anywho, on display is one of my favorite vintage skirts that I thrifted years ago. I normally avoid wearing brown (I don't know why), but it had such a lovely cut and structure. I think it is quite flattering and goes with everything. I could spend all day thrifting and would prefer to go alone because I could take my sweet time perusing through each and every rack of clothing. I do love me some vintage trinkets as well!

 In all honesty, taking these photos is like piecing back together who I was. I feel my self-confidence coming back, and I feel I've got a grip on my identity. I don't wish to be shallow by saying that my clothes represents who I am, but my style is a reflection of me. I have felt so ashamed before, but not anymore.

P.S. Not sure how, but I ended up with cuts on my fingers and leg. I was only sitting in grass!

What I wore:
Blouse: mall boutique
Skirt: vintage thrifted
Flats: boutique in Korea



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