TBT: Musings in Japan: Cosmo World

Next up is Yokohama Cosmo World, located in the district of Minato Mirai. If my memory serves me right, it was a short train ride away from the dorms. I recall how beautiful this amusement park was. Though crowded, I felt none of that chaos from something like Disneyland. It was scenic with a gorgeous view of the bay, a shimmering sea of ripples. Clear blue skies with tufts of porous clouds scattered across. And in the center of it all, the Cosmo World Ferris wheel, famed to be one of the largest in the world. And guess what we did?

This here is one of the beautiful views from up on that very same Ferris wheel. We didn't realize stuffing six people into one carriage was a terrible idea until it was much too late. It was summer and there was hardly, if any, ventilation inside. Skin on skin, breath on breath accumulating inside that shared space, the heat of our bodies producing beads of uncomfortable sweat. Yes, we truly regretted our foolish decision. We laughed about it afterwards, but I'd say the view was worth it. I am still fond of the memories.

 I thought these little niches underneath the bridge were pretty awesome. I wondered what was lurking inside all those doors. Shops? Apartments? I'll never know.

 What I adored about Japan was its attention to aesthetics. Organic beauty in its simplicity. The food always looked so good and presentable. Certainly the portions were smaller than the average American fare, but I could taste the quality in everything I ate. They say to experience a culture, you must partake in the consumption of the native cuisine. I'd have to agree. Eating was indeed a cultural experience at times, but more on that later.

And here we were traversing the unfamiliar path that would soon become a daily access route to every place we went. All of us uniquely different, but unified and bonded under a roof and obligatory four month stay.

P.S. I apologize ahead of time. From here on out, these travel posts will be quite lengthy and picture heavy!
P.S.S I'm rather fond of taking these candid back shots of people.

Until next time...!



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