"To Talk About Nothing"

We spotted this nice park on our way to meet a friend for coffee, and in his words, "to talk about nothing". The sun's rays cast a golden glimmer through the thicket of trees, bathing the lush green gash in its shimmering light. That quick glance from the freeway was not enough. We had seen with our minds' eyes, had captured in those fleeting moments the park's dreamy, soft serenity. It took our breath away and we vowed to return to it after hanging out with our friend. The park turned out to be really tiny, but still beautiful nonetheless. And had quite a lot of people. Oh, how eyes love to stare...

 I had resisted denim jackets for the longest time, and had one neglected in my closet for years. I've got to admit, they're pretty handy when the weather is just a little chilly, but not quite cold enough for a thick jacket or coat.

 Highly ambitious and intoxicated by the incandescent lighting, we attempted a high profile photo shoot and realized it was no easy task - especially when we are not the kind of people to take things seriously. We had a blast just messing around though.

 P.S. I keep forgetting that having bangs means the inevitable middle split that nobody wants. And most of the time, I don't even realize it's there...

What I wore:
Denim Jacket: Burlington's
Top: sample sale from fashion district
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: DSW



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