Weekend Oufit: "Sun and Ocean Blue"

 Summer sunsets are a funny thing. Here I was bathing in 6pm sunlight, and yet it didn't feel like evening at all. It beamed down on me with full force, casting a rather harsh glare, and for some reason, I liked it. Shades of colors are also a peculiar thing. This wall of blue - celadon, ocean, sea - what are you really? How to be accurate when describing a particular color when it falls in a vast range with a million names for every hue, every shade slightly different? It is beyond me. Anyhow, let me keep it simple: I really like the color of this wall. Hah.

 For someone who was born with a bottom half bigger than the top half, fashion dictated that I avoid wearing "paper bag" skirts at all costs - shorts and pants being the worst offenders. Well, to hell with that, I said! I thought they were cute. I mean, who can resist a name like that? I was going to wear it no matter what and have been for the past few years. Fashion tips exist as a guideline, but they are by no means concrete. I don't let it stop me from wearing things I like, even if at times they are questionable and out-of-date.

P.S. In case no one got the reference, the title of this post is from Lana Del Rey's "Black Beauty".

What I wore:
Top: H&M
Skirt: Forever21
Sandals: New Look



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